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Bose Home Theatre

bose home theatre Movie with popcorn is a good option, but a movie with popcorn plus Bose home theatre is the best one. Yes, you heard that right, BOSE home theatre is among one of the top brands available in the market. It attracts the attention of any music lover. If you want to experience a thump rich surround sound with crispy clear audio, no doubt Bose would be your first choice. Not only for the best sound quality but also for the long-lasting experience. But sometimes users may face minor problems, and they need an instant repairing service at their home so to quickly fix the glitch. We at eleser provide instant repair service for your lag-free experience. We, Will, come to the point in the blog but before that let’s dig more into Bose home theatre.  

Bose Home Theatre Buying Guide

Bose is apparently one of the most popular speakers and home entertainment products in the market today. Bose always comes up with some innovation in the market and get close to the customer’s heart year after year. With Bose speakers, you, your family, and your guests will be part of a program that uses unlimited focus points to immerse you completely in a movie, program, or game. Another great thing you will enjoy with the Bose is its ability to connect and integrate with many streaming services. Also, it is fully compatible with the latest and greatest media connections, including running content on 4K even. Here we are providing the Buying guide you must notice before making a deal.

Room size

Some home theatre systems have large speakers, others with smaller ones. The larger ones are better when it comes to sound quality, but some models offer smaller and medium speakers that kick the heavy thump despite their size. So choose according to your room size so it will not felt heavy rather produce enough sound that makes your body shake.


You need a TV to build your own theatre in your home. If you already have a TV but not a 4K HDR TV, you need to buy one because the extraordinary experience comes up with a 4K HDR one. Today’s newer TVs are easier to connect to everything else, be it elements, audio, or video, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and so on. These advancements enhance your home theatre experience.

Streaming Devices

Your experience can be doubled If your home theatre streams almost anything – a sound from your computer, phone, tablet, or extra speakers in your home and even online applications such as TIDAL, Qobuz, and Spotify.

Power Delivery

The amplifier’s power output is usually denoted in watts. To really enjoy the output, your receiver is powerful enough to deliver the theatre sound. Your AV receiver must deliver at least 100 watts of power so that you can feel the sound magic and your speakers must be ranging between 6 to 8 ohms.

Space and Budget

People who tend to buy home theatres are usually focused on the room, and its interior set up, but rather than focus on these things you must focus on amplifiers and speakers. For a spacious room, you look forward to a 7.1 setup with floor standing speakers.  

Common home theatre problems

As we all know, home theatre systems are complex. We have tested and repaired a number of home theatre equipment. We have gone through all the problems faced by the customers in the long run. Fortunately, we have learned a few things that customers have generally faced with the home theatres. Let’s check them out-
  • No sound comes from speakers.
  • Surround speakers are not working properly or not working at all.
  • Front speakers are not working.
  • Static comes from speakers.
  • Annoying humming sound coming from speakers.
  • Universal remote not working.
  • Very low or no bass.
  • The lag between sound & picture.

Do you have It Already or you want Bose Home Theatre Repairing Services

So these are the problems user may face, we at elser have a team of professional and trained engineers who not only repair or service your home theatres but also give you the tips to use them in a proper way. So enjoy your sound uninterrupted and crystal clear when elser is there. Contact elser and book your service or repair appointment today.

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