Dali Zensor 7: Buying Guide and Repairing Services

  • As we had recently reviewed Dali Speakers, when we were giving our hands-on Dali sensor 7, we were thrilled because we were already stunned by the Dali performance.
  • The Dali Zensor 7 is very beautiful in finishing, with a black or light walnut vinyl color for its price. Standing 98cm long, comfortable, and with straightforward construction. It is robust and durable in an aluminum base with easy to adjust spikes.
  • The Zensor 7 work with an excellent, well-integrated sound that is easy to listen to for a more extended period.
  • As the floor speakers move, they are not the same as standing, but we can give them a little space to get the best results – about 50cm away from the wall will create magic.
  • The midrange speakers have powerful Zensor functionality, with a clear and attractive sound that is always different from the combined sound area.
  • This blog will discuss the Dali Zensor 7, its specifications and features, repairing guide, and your service partner elser.

Dali Zensor 7: Features and Specifications


Design : It comes in a size of 994mm x 257mm x 320mm (HxWxD). It is one of the largest speakers. These speakers are intended for larger areas and theaters, and although the word “big” itself cannot set specific limits on which these speakers will work out of the box when it comes to quality.

Although Zensor 7 may be the largest model in smart series design, it has many similarities to the lower Zensor 5 model, but it also has some uniqueness.

Soft-Dome with high accuracy  : Tweeters of Zensor Series provide a high frequency with up to the mark accuracy. If we compare this beast’s price to other tweeters in the market, the value is less than half of the weight. You can even play the lowest pitches of the high-frequency range without splitting. This is important when handling all the necessary supplies from woofer to tweeter.

Build Emphasize Low Machine Loss: Any speaker’s primary function is to convert an electrical signal from a loudspeaker to a real-time sound. Any vibration or rendering of the clear indication by speaker drivers reduces noise. The clarity in an audio signal is achieved with a low loss of information combined with the creation of smooth, seamless production on a time and quantity basis. This enables crossover construction directly on quality objects that ensures that signal loss remains close to zero.


Product seriesZENSOR
Frequency Range(+/- 3 dB) [Hz] – 40 – 26,500
Sensitivity(2,83 V / 1 m) [dB] – 90
Impedance [ohms]6
SPL size [dB]110
Recommended Amplifier Power [W]40-150
Crossover frequency [Hz]2,400 Hz
Frequency driver, Quantity1 x 25 mm
Frequent pilot frequency, Diaphragm typeSoft Textile Dome
Low driver frequency, Quantity2 x 7.”
Frequent pilot frequency, Diaphragm typeWood Fiber Cone
Type of closureBass Reflex
Bass Reflex [Hz] tuning frequency40.0
Connection InputOne thread
Magnetic ProtectionNo.
Recommended PlacementDown
Recommended distance from wall [cm]20 – 80
Base Size (HxWxD) [mm]994 x 257 x 320
Weight [kg]14.9

Accessories Installed – Manually made, Rubber Bumpers, Spikes, Spikes M6

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Speaker Repairing Services

After using the product for a long time, it may need a good service, or sometimes you may face issues like not getting good sound, dull sound, dull bass, unwanted treble noise, etc. If you find any above stated issues, don’t be panic, eleser.in is the one-stop solution for your every service or repair needs. Professionals at eleser take proper care of your product with world-class services.

Dali Speaker Reviews

· Great high-end sound, excellent midrange, and a good base. On their own, I have them as a stereo setup for classical and jazz from a good Sony receiver, but they work very well with tv. Crisp vocals. Picky Buyer (NSW) (Sources)

· The sound these speakers produce is fantastic. I’ve never regretted purchasing them. Even at high volume, the quality of sound is exceptional. And mated together in a 5.1 Or 7.1 surround setup, it blows you away.- Chris (Queensland) (Sources)

· After about 15 minutes of A/B testing some speakers in a local JB HiFi store, I settled on a pair of Dali Zensor 7s. For the price (around $1500 from memory) I’m happy with their performance. – Nick (Brisbane) (Sources)