JBL Speakers | Review | Buying Guide | Have It Already Where to go for Repairing?

JBL, the name that adds some “Boom” to your music experience. JBL speakers are loud enough to keep your whole house dancing with you. JBL is one of the most popular products out there for mid-priced wireless speakers. Together with fun, colourful designs and powerful sound, their extensive list of Bluetooth speakers has something to offer for everyone’s music desires. Most of their devices are made of durable plastic with amazing water resistance levels, making it a great way to listen outside on the lake or at the seaside party.

From small travel speakers with built-in carabiner clips in boomboxes updated with incredibly high volume, JBL speakers cover the market from budget-friendly to premium lovers.

JBL’s boombox is the king of all speakers when it comes to power. The thrill and clarity make the entire crowd fall for JBL speakers. The Bass produced by JBL speakers not only shake your feet but also your entire room.

A large pack of music lovers invests in JBL speakers, and sometimes they may face issues regarding connectivity, sound problems, vibrations in sound, etc. so you have to look forward to the best service centre nearby you so as to avoid the party spoiler.  So don’t worry we at eleser are always there for you to fix the issues and repairing services as and when required, you don’t need to go anywhere.

We are always there for our customer service, here we are going to provide you with some specs, a buying guide and common problems that you may face with speakers.


JBL Speakers Buying Guide

JBL has done a tremendous job in the industry, every time JBL stunned its lovers with new offerings, but most of the music lovers don’t know the JBL’s chain of speakers, so here we compiled a list of JBL speakers’ range so you can choose one of the best fit for yours.


IRX Series

IRX Series

The IRX series offers high output and clarity, offering full usability at an affordable price. Available in 8 “and 12” models, the IRX offers a specific system-specific EQ setting for the right tone, You can play music, songs, and support tracks with Bluetooth audio streaming as well.


  • IRX108BT–They use a 1300W amplifier to power an 8 “woofer and high-frequency driver to provide a frequency response of 54 Hz to 20 kHz with a peak SPL of 124 dB.
  • IRX112BT – uses a 1300W amplifier to power a 12 “woofer and high-frequency driver, which delivers a frequency response of 53 Hz to 20 kHz with a maximum SPL of 127 dB.


PRX Series

PRX Series


Designed to deliver powerful yet professional sound to live audio applications, including bands, and DJs. Here are the models-


  • PRX800 – The loudest of all the speakers with 1500 W class D amplifier, it is not only loudest but also lightweight, with built-in Wi-Fi technology so that you can play music from far in a party.
  • PRX812 – Uses a 12 “low-frequency driver to deliver a frequency response of 56 Hz to 20 kHz with a high SPL of 135 dB.
  • PRX815 – Uses a 15 “driver to provide 56 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response with a high SPL of 137 dB.
  • PRX815XLFW – Uses a 15 “driver containing a frequency response of 40 to 91 Hz with an SPL of 131 dB.
  • PRX818XLFW – Uses an 18 “driver provides a normal response of 35 Hz to 87 Hz with a high SPL of 134 dB.


SRX Series

SRX Series


SRX Series is updated with the latest technology and comes with premium models-

  • SRX812P – A powerful two-way speaker with a “12 woofer that provides a frequency response of 48 Hz to 20 kHz and a high SPL of 136 dB.
  • SRX815P – Uses a 15 “driver and provides a frequency response of 44 Hz to 20 kHz with a high SPL of 137 dB.

EON Series

EON Series

It is the series that provides vivid functionalities speakers, let’s dive into some of them-

  • EON ONE Compact – This automatic speaker plays an 8 “woofer and 1” tweeter that combines an impressive frequency response of 37.5 Hz to 20 kHz with a very high 112 dB SPL.
  • EON ONE PRO – It offers a seven-channel connector, an 8 “woofer, and offers a high-density SPL of 118 dB.
  • EON208P – Two “8” two speakers get 150W each and provide a normal response of 70 Hz to 18 kHz with a high SPL output of 121 dB.

Common Problems of Speakers and fixing Umbrella

Audio systems can sometimes be difficult to understand because of their number of settings. Many audio system problems are the result of improper, malfunctioning, or improperly connected cables. But it’s okay,  the next time you have a problem with your audio system, you don’t have to worry eleser have a team of professionals and dedicated engineers who are the ultimate tech saviour of your faulty system. Proper repairing and servicing have been provided by our end which satisfied thousands of customers till date. Here is the list of common problems that you may face in the long run-

  • Distorted sound from speakers.
  • Lack of treble in speakers.
  • Lack of Bass.
  • Too loud audio volume.
  • Humming sound from speakers.
  • Dead speaker due to Faulty cables.
  • Screeching and fuzzy sound from speakers.


If you noticed any of the above-stated issues, or you need any kind of repairing services just contact us at eleser. Our experts will reach out to you in no time.