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Eleser is the Industry leader in Designing the Best High-End Home Theatres in India. Eleser collaborates with the World’s Finest high-end Audio and Video brands to provide you with the best home theatre experience possible.

Eleser has a range of Custom Home Cinema Design Packages to choose from. Plus, our expert home theatre installation team ensures a smooth and seamless setup process. With an Eleser luxury home theater, you’ll feel like you’re at the movie theater every time you watch a film.

Bring your movie-watching dreams to life with our budget home cinema design options,
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Our Home Theatre Package & Cost (approx)


At Rs 5 Lakhs

5.1Ch AV Receiver
5.1 Speakers (Inwall/Onwall)
4k Projector
133inch 4K Screen
High Quality Wire & Accessories


At Rs 8 Lakhs

7.1Ch AV Receiver 5.1.2 Speakers (Floorstanding) 4k Projector 120-150inch 4K Screen High Quality Wire & Accessories


Rs 12 Lakhs onwards

11.2Ch AV Receiver
9.2 Speakers (Inwall/Onwall)
4k laser Projector
120-150inch 4K ALR Screen
High Quality Wire & Accessories

Home Theatre Consultation

The team at Eleser works with customers to create a personalized home theater that fits their space and style, ensuring every detail is perfect. We offer special Consultation and therefore will determine the best placement of Speakers, Projectors, Screens, Lighting, Acoustics, Automation, Seating Arrangements, Temperature Control and other requirements based on the size and shape of the room before finalising the plan of action.

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AV Receiver

Speakers & Subwoofer


Projector Screen