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    What we do
    Service & Repair CD DVD Music System Wave Radio Home Theater LCD LED Projector
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    Re Sale And Exchnage
    Hi-end brands Home Therator Amplifier Speaker LCD LED Projector
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    We do Installation and Re-installation of Electronic & Home Appliances & Wire Management
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    Home Based Home Theater
    Establish Home Cinema Installation Projector Screen Speaker Amplifier Cable Management
    Sound Proofing Wall Paneling Lighting Effect with Interior to get the best Acoustic Sound and Better Visual Effect
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    Provide Accessories HDMI Cables & Splitter Optical Cables
    Speaker Wires LCD LED Wall Bracket Speaker Stand Projector
    Lamps Remote Control AV Cables RC Cable Optical Lenses Projector Screens etc

   Service Repair Installation Home theater Designe Sound proofing Home & Theater Automation & Wire Management AMC to Hi end brand 

(Home theater ,Atmos avr, stereo Amplifier Audio CD player, Networking player , Record player , Speaker, subwoofer, Projector , Projector Screen & Orignal Projector lamp)

Electronic Services

Service & Repair
Home Base Home Cinema
Accessories Sale
Resale & Exchnage
Home Appliances Service & Installation
Electronics Import & Export
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