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We are Paradigm Dealer in India. Paradigm is a high-end audio brand that produces high-quality speakers. We offer Paradigm Sales and Service. We design home theatre and stereo setups as well as offer audio consulting. You can buy paradigm speakers by contacting us and requesting a quote. 

Product Catalog

Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F – Floor Standing Speaker

Paradigm Monitor SE 3000F – Floor Standing Tower Speaker

Paradigm Monitor SE Atom Bookshelf Speaker

Paradigm Monitor SE 8000F – Floor Standing Speaker

Paradigm Defiance V12 – Active Subwoofer

Paradigm Defiance V10 – Active Subwoofer

Paradigm Cinema 100CT – 5.1 Channel Speaker System

Paradigm Cinema 100 2.0 – On-Wall Speaker – Pair

Paradigm Cinema 200 – On-Wall Speaker – Piece

Paradigm Cinema Sub – Active Subwoofer

Paradigm Surround 3 – Surround Speaker

Paradigm Surround 1 Surround Speaker

Paradigm CI Home H55-R – In-Ceiling Speaker – Pair

Paradigm Millenia LP XL On Wall Speaker

Paradigm Millenia LP2 On Wall Speaker

Paradigm MilleniaOne 1.0 – Single Unit

Paradigm Millenia One Sub – Slim Subwoofer

Paradigm CI Home H65-R – In-Ceiling Speaker – Pair

Paradigm PW Soundbar

Paradigm CI Contractor C65-R – In-Ceiling Speaker – Piece

Paradigm Monitor SE 2000C – Centre Speaker

Paradigm Defiance V8 – Active Subwoofer